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User researcher

Posted May 6, 2022
Project ID: PHILJP00024966
7 months
(Jun 1, 2022 - Dec 31, 2022)
40 hrs/week
Payrate range
Application Deadline: Jun 1, 2022 12:00 PM

User researcher

The Product Research Center Male Grooming is responsible to represent the consumer within the Innovation and Development organization for the Shaving and Grooming product categories, ensuring the delivery on (consumer) promise for our Philips Value Propositions.

In Product Research, the key mission is to identify consumer needs, tension areas and to translate, verify and validate these insights throughout the innovation process. This will involve various types of UX and User Research to help us reach this mission. Our activities start with a focus on the support in value proposition definition and feature development, which can include digital enabled development solutions, all the way towards the final product development stage - working towards successful launches and consumer engagement. In this, being consumer centric is key. Linking in with the situation, habits and needs of consumers all around the world helps us in developing products that fulfill the Philips Brand promise. 

Innovation & You With this open position, we are searching for a new team member strongly fitting the User Researcher and/or Value Proposition Specialist roles, with solid experience in this field in relation to Product Development. Ideally, candidates most suitable are the ones considered as T-shaped, exceptionally skilled in at least one competence, but capable of applying knowledge also outside of one owns area of expertise. 

Product Research Centre MG - Key Areas of Responsibility

  • For all Male Grooming projects, creating a clear research logic for all consumer related opportunities, challenges and risks, to enable the verification and validation on the relevant consumer insights. Manage this research logic in sprints and/or lean plans
  • Applying the relevant tools fitting the project, to verify and validate the consumer needs. This can be safe for digital projects, MVP methods, a Waterfall approach or hybrid models
  • Reporting to stakeholders on progress at relevant intervals, during the execution of the program
  • Support the creation and substantiation plans of strong marketing claims. Supporting competence development in the department towards peer Product Researchers
  • Safe guarding the consumer satisfaction throughout the life cycle of the solution before launch and after launch in the market. Product Research Centre MG - Team roles Within our team, several roles exist in support of the overall mission:
  • Product Research Manager, the main interface to the integral project teams within a product category, with the responsibility to determine the work packages for projects and to prioritize these. User Researcher, responsible for determining the user research plan supporting the identification of user needs, or the verification and/or validation thereof. 
  • Value Proposition Specialist, safe guarding the translation of the high level value propositions towards tangible product/service requirements throughout all stages of project development
  • User Requirements Manager, setting up, plus monitoring all user requirements and linking these to the detailed verification and validation plans. 
  • User Research Facilitator, enabling the execution of user research, including the recruitment and on-site field work support
  • Consumer Care Experience Manager, responsible for the after-launch consumer care strategy. With these roles, we have the end-to-end Product Research responsibility for the Male Grooming product categories, with the members supporting each other wherever needed outside of their own key roles. The team members are all reporting into one of the PRC Group Leaders. 

    To succeed in this role, you should have a mix of the following skills and experience. 
  • An academic degree in consumer oriented education, like User-System interaction, Design for Interaction, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Industrial Design, or (social) psychology. 
  • Minimum of 2 years working experience in user research, consumer science, industrial design, psychology in the domain of product or service development. 
  • Working experience with UX/UI design and UX qualitative and quantitative user research
  • Broad understanding of consumer research methodologies and sound understanding of the underlying statistics. 
  • Preferably, also experience with (scaled) agile ways of working, and embracing the agile mindset. Very curious orientation and empathy towards consumers and customers
  • Excellent planning skills, knowing how to manage your role in the project team. Proactive attitude, the ability to take the lead and proactively represent the end-user in our innovation processes. innovation processes. 

    The Product Research Center Male Grooming is responsible to represent the consumer within the Innovation and Development organization for the Shaving and Grooming product categories, ensuring the delivery on (consumer) promise for our Philips Value Propositions.

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