Structural Packaging Designer

Posted Jun 5, 2018
Project ID: PHILJP00017590
6 months (Jul 1, 2018 - Dec 31, 2018)
40 hrs/week
Payrate range
-10 - 0 €/hr
Structural Packaging Designer

A packaging developer independently designs and details out new packaging concept for consumer electronics, using the latest technologies, knowledge and resources.
The packaging concepts are mainly consumer packaging and transportation packaging.
The packaging developer is part of a project team for the development of a new product, or leads a project when only a new packaging concept is required.
The packaging developer uses standard tools like FMEA and DOE and applies standard project management knowledge and tools.
The packaging developer has knowledge of standard packaging materials like paper/carton, plastics, paperpulp, etc and has knowledge about protecting products, logistics and printing technologies.
Only the structural packaging concepts are developed, the graphical design is made elsewhere within Philips.
A packaging developer use-ally works on different projects for different factories at the same time, and communicates with suppliers, OEM’ers, designers, projectmanagers. Logistic and product developers, industrial cost engineers and purchasers all over the world within and outside PHILIPS.
The company language is English.
The tools that are used are ARTIOS-CAD, CAPE, illustrator and solidworks.

Background: Industrial Design engineering, bachelor or master degree
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