Senior Test Engineer

Posted Jul 31, 2019
Project ID: PHILJP00020394
Eindhoven , Noord Brabant
5 months (Aug 12, 2019 - Dec 31, 2019)
40 hrs/week
Payrate range
0 - 73 €/hr
Senior Test Engineer


•   Responsible for high quality tests by coaching and guiding the developers and test engineers in the team. Help them to prepare, implement and execute objective, reproducible and maintainable tests (test pyramid test suite, system integration, verification and validation test) by using and teaching test design methods, techniques and tools;
•   Co defines the feature acceptance criteria, the approach and implementation of automated tests.

PI Planning
•   Co-responsible with his team for reliable PI plan and sprint plan.
•   Participates in the 3 amigos session for co defining the feature acceptance criteria.
•   Collaborates with the peer Test Engineers and plans a regular exploratory test sessions for sprint release candidates.

Sprint Execution

•   Translates the test policy and test strategy for every user story/feature within his/her domain area into technical solutions for testing;
•   Actively participates in the grooming sessions to define the high level test design for features/user story taking customer scenarios in perspective.
•   Writes test scenarios and uses these scenarios to develop automated or manual tests;
•   Responsible for executing the manual tests by coordinating the scope with Product owner and Tech Lead.
•   Testing KPIs/NFRs. This may include:
- resource utilization
- responsiveness
- image/stream quality
•   Performs exploratory tests to detect gaps in test suite/approach for high quality sprint deliverables.
•   Performs feasibility studies with respect to testing;
•   Performs studies and recommends about the usage of test techniques, methods and tools;
•   Specifies the applicable test environment and performs the evaluation of test tools to support automated testing and test engineering in general;
•   Creates (or facilitates the creation of) an infrastructure for optimum usage of test tools;
•   Coaches other test engineers and developers in the team.
•   Create test awareness, provide coaching and ensure appropriate transfer of testing know-how to the team of engineers.
•   All responsibilities as described for the test engineer function:
•   Configures the test set up of the modules and components and tests the integrated design in a defined and controlled environment.
•   Reviews applicable deliverables and documents for sprint releases and platform deliverables.
•   Writes test cases (based on the defined test design) and develops automated test scripts;
•   Executes tests;
•   Analyses and interprets test results and if any issues found, decides on and submits problem reports
•   Assists SW engineers in the analysis of reported problems.
•   Based upon the test results, extends the set of test cases and creates new test specifications if required;
•   Deploys the customer test environment and executes the end user test scenarios.
•   Pre-screens the customer submitted defects.
•   Execution
-   measures towards monitoring (quality of service in the field)
-   collaborates with software engineers to ensure testability and unit test coverage

Test Engineer Skills :
[1] Cloud Computing ( AWS Cloud Knowledge )
[2] Basic Knowledge about Internet of Things
[3] Agile Methodology – Scrum (Way of Working )
[4] Groovy / Java Programming Language
[5] ReadyAPI / SOAPUI Tool’
[6] API Test Automation
[7] HTTP Standards
[9] Source Control Version – TFS , GIT
[10] AWS Services
Important API Gateway , Lambda Function ,S3, DynamoDB,CloudWatch, Elastic Search, Code Commit , AWS IoT ,
Simple Notification Services,SQS,Dynamic Tunneling Service, Cloud Trail,Route53,CloudFront
[11] MQTT Protocol
[12] OAuth2 Authentication Model
[13] Jenkins ( Continuous Integration and Continuous Development )
[14] Postman
[15]API Automation
Difference between SOAP and REST Architecture
Different methods used in REST Protocol (POST,PUT,GET,DELETE)
General Information on Error Status Code like 400,401,403,406,,422,500,200 etc
What things are validated /asserted in Response message
Scenario based questions on API use cases .How to validate REST API Protocols .
[16] Go through some YouTube videos about HSDP platform from Philips .
[17] General Awareness about HIPPA

Job Expectation :

[1] Together with the team, co-determine test approach and create test specifications;
[2] Work with the team on testing across the product stack;
[3] Contribute to continuous improvement activities in test approach and implementation areas, particularly in areas of test automation and automation frameworks;
[4] Advise on test approach and improve existing automated tests, finding the right balance between test coverage and test duration, taking risk into consideration;.
[5] Develop and execute automated testing for assigned projects to successfully and consistently enable delivery of high-quality software products and services on time, and to specification;
[6] Submit issues for encountered problems and follow up on them. Investigate failures, perform root cause analysis.
[7] Introduce development team members to appropriate test techniques. Improve knowledge of testing in your team;
[8] Suggest process/tooling improvements where necessary. Contribute to defining internal QA goals (evaluation of new tools, setting up new process for performance testing, creating/updating/delivering training to team members).

•   Analytical and conceptual skills;
•   Structural and thorough;
•   Be quality oriented;
•   Disciplined team worker; Improvement attitude;
•   Contacts with different disciplines (Test Management, Architecture, Software Development, System Engineering, Customer Support and Application group) as well as external contacts (test specialists, test tools suppliers).

Candidate need to start at short notice.
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