DI-Senior Software Designer

Posted Jul 7, 2017
Project ID: PHILJP00015079
Eindhoven , Noord Brabant
6 months (Jul 1, 2017 - Dec 31, 2017)
40 hrs/week
Payrate range
70 - 80 €/hr
Due to the departure of 1 of the contingent workers we are for Philips Research and Philips Healthworks looking for a front-end Developer

Philips is creating a coaching program for users to work towards a healthier lifestyle. Collecting data via Philips devices makes it is possible to tailor a coaching plan for the user and give feedback about the current progress.
Coaching plans are created and maintained by Philips employees and is accomplished via an Authoring Suite.
The Authoring Suite is built for coaches that enables them to create coaching programs like Hearthealth in a more intuitive, automated, iterative and faster way. It allows us to move away from the spreadsheets and into an easy and fun to use web app.

It contains three core elements:

1) Content 'card' creation enables our content development team to create the content cards for our users. The tool visualizes the exact representation of the content that the user would experience, a great way to evaluate the effectiveness of all the content elements. Once done with creating all the content 'cards' they can be selected in the tool's library and exported to the content Json format that is used in our apps

2) Program creation enables our program authors to schedule the content, they can create plans that contain content that is scheduled in time or is triggered by specific data driven events. Once done with the program it can be exported to the format that is native to the coaching engine on our HSDP backend

3) Program Simulator enables authors to reviews the programs they created very easily and fast. They use the tool to load a program and load a simulated user to see how the program would be experienced by such a user, a easy way to debug and improve the programs.
The technical part of the Authoring Suite consists of a complete HTML5, CSS and AngularJS frontend application. Data is requested via Rest/API calls to the Node.JS backend server which is also under our own development.

Profile we are looking for:
- Senior JavaScript/TypeScript developer with more than 2 years of experience
- Angular experience with more than 1 year experience
- HTML5, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap
- Knowledge of RESTful API's
- Experience with development tools such as Git, Webpack, NodeJS, WebStorm
- Has worked in an Agile / Scrum environment
- Minimum bachelor degree or higher

We prefer candidates with a Master degree
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