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Supply Chain Management (Freelance)

Posted May 13, 2022
Project ID: PHILJP00025026
1 year
(Jun 1, 2022 - May 31, 2023)
40 hrs/week
Payrate range
34 - 59 €/hr
Application Deadline: Jun 1, 2022 12:00 PM


  • Creation and Management of Purchase Orders, Vendor  Scheduling Agreements, and Return Material Authorizations. 
  • Master data settings for assigned fields to enable touchless  replenishment 
  • Monitor Operational Performance Indicators. Secure supplier  delivery performance, including PO Delivery confirmations.
  • Resolution of exceptions (e.g. GR-IR, Blocked Invoices, etc) and  escalations (e.g. Hot List execution).
  • Identify supply risks and issues, drive mitigation actions, and  escalate if needed, in alignment with the Operational Material  Planner. 
  • Secure in time availability, capacity (within boundaries), and prevention of obsolescence due to supply issues.
  • For Just-in-Time (JIT) suppliers, monitoring of Production 
    Schedule and associated delivery schedule.
  • Support continuous improvement and harmonization efforts to 
    realize standard Philips process execution. 
  • Train Supplier users on OMM Tools, as needed (e.g. SNC)


  • PO Approval
  • PO Confirmation
  • Overdue POs
  • Number of Blocked invoices
  • Master data accuracy 
  • Projected shortages
  • Supplier delivery performance (VMI & CLIP) 


  • Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders
  • Master data management (system) 
  • Supplier Development 
  • Supplier Relationship Management 
  • Supply Chain Risk and Security
  • Places Purchase Orders with suppliers and monitors the outstanding order package in  terms of delivery time, quality and price. 
  • Make adjustments in case of changes 
  • Changes quantities within the framework of stock order levels and assignments by combining several orders for one supplier 
  • Resolves Purchase Order issues, including e.g. GR-IR mismatches, missing Invoices, Under Delivery, Over Delivery, etc.
  • Executes operational procurement master data set-up and maintenance
  • Forecast communication with suppliers, including validation, including for Supplier Managed/Owned Forecast
  • Tracks order confirmation, monitors open order position, expedites if needed and keeps SAP updated. 
  • Identifies material shortage risks and takes action to mitigate
  • Manage return orders to suppliers 
  • Eliminate root causes of availability issues
  • Manage the mitigation and involve Performance Managers in case commercial leverage is needed
  • Manage consignment stock at supplier incl. regular stock take/count
  • Manage material provided to vendor e.g. on repair/rework purchase orders incl. regular stock take/count
  • Provides input for and joins supplier assessments and performance reviews, as agreed with Performance Manager.
  • Initiates and runs projects to improve performance and processes, as agreed with Performance Manager and COE.
  • Acts as Subject Matter Expert for Buyer Processes
  • Supports Junior Buyers and provides training to new colleagues
  • Knows the procedures and systems for placing orders. 
  • Knowledge of the allotted products and suppliers. 
  • Modern languages to conduct business conversations and correspondence with supplier. 
  • Expedite and shortage mitigation with supplier
  • Knowledge of the organization that surrounds the production process. 
  • Supports junior buyers in shortage mitigation, root cause solutions and preventing recurrence.Handles high degree of uncertainty in the carrying out of the order (quality, quantity, presence).
  • Works in accordance with guidelines 
  • Decides when and how it is useful to contact the supplier. 
  • Decides how to reach an agreement with the supplier in case of disruptions of the delivery.
  • Supports other team members with their improvement activities and provides expert knowledge

Experience & Background 

  • 3+ years' related experience
  • ERP Experience required

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