Windows 10 Engineer

Posted Jul 4, 2017
Project ID: PHILJP00015182
Eindhoven , Noord Brabant
3 months (Jul 3, 2017 - Oct 1, 2017)
40 hrs/week
Payrate range
Windows 10 engineer

You will help users on location with installation of Windows 10 Lighting on existing or new machines, including guiding users to one drive etc, in order to start the migration.
Since the Windows 10 engineer will visit users on several Philips Lighting Benelux locations, he/she has to be a good communicator, have a representative appearance and has to have own transport. Travelling expenses can be invoiced.
The planning will be done by Global Projectlead in consultation with the W10 engineer.

The range for the rate is €40 - €50.
Please note a tenure-reduction will be applicable when this assignment will be extended
- 5% discount on initial rate after first extension
- 7.5% discount on initial rate after second extension
- 10% discount on initial rate after third extension
Minimum extension period is 3 months and length of every extension to be mutually agreed upon by Lighting and supplier.
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