Video Algorithm Engineer

Posted Sep 10, 2018
Project ID: PHILJP00018302
Eindhoven , Noord Brabant
9 months (Sep 17, 2018 - Jun 30, 2019)
40 hrs/week
Payrate range
For Intellectual Property and Standards (IP&S) we are looking for a Video Algorithm Engineer

The application domain is Television, specifically the processing, control of processing, and conversion/transfer of high dynamic range (HDR) video signals for television. This involves tone mapping, color processing and gamut mapping. Also the design of adaptive algorithms to control the HDR processing/conversion/transfer on a frame basis are in scope. Basis knowledge of color science techniques as described in e.g. Charles Poynton “Digital Video and HD Algorithms and Interfaces” are definite plus. Typically the algorithms are designed (and partly evaluated) using tools like Matlab and Python. These designs are then transferred for development in C (or SoCs/FPGA’s). Such development is, however, not part of the job. These algorithms in early prototypes are being tested with prospective customers, and in trials. These need to be supported by somebody with on the one hand a strong enough video signal processing background to understand why things are not working if they are not working, but on the other hand is hands-on enough to fix such problems, and throughout has a good rapport with the third parties we are interacting with.

Video Algorithm Engineer

•   Setting-up and executing tests and trials on site with e.g. broadcasters in cooperation with the commercial team and the prospective customer. Able to give guidance / input on optimal content capturing and processing conditions.
o   Video processing skills: tune our HDR system to work optimally in the broadcast infrastructure provided by the customer
o   Personal skills: Ability to interact with prospective customers, answer their questions,
o   Problem solving skills: Solve performance issues on the spot together with our engineering team back home.
•   Helping create (HDR) demonstrators of developed algorithms
o   Interaction with the commercial team to define and develop setups for tests, demonstrators and trials

We ask:
•   University degree in a technical orientation;
•   Experienced in video signal processing, video coding, preferably has knowledge of the various color spaces
•   Knows his/her way with scripting, C/C++/Python/Matlab
•   At least 5-10 years of experience in the field.
•   Located in Eindhoven/Netherlands but willing to travel regularly as part of the assignment
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