SharePoint developer

Posted Jul 10, 2018
Project ID: PHILJP00017902
1 year (Jul 20, 2018 - Jul 19, 2019)
40 hrs/week
Payrate range
50 - 60 €/hr
SharePoint developer

We are seeking to contract a strong software developer for SharePoint and the underlying technologies, some experience working in Finance or IT projects would be an advantage. The intention is to create a budget planner & calculator to plan training demand globally. This tool will replace the current Excel sheet tools that the different markets are using to track the approximately 3300 face to face learning events demand planning, scheduling with PPS (Cornerstone) as well as tracking invoice.
Develop a SharePoint budget calculator and planner. To support the planning and budgeting of 3300 face-to-face training events globally. The development includes coding, test and verification guidelines. The job entails responsibility for independently organizing reviews of this design with colleagues in different departments. For day-to-day professional problems, the Software Developer consults the training delivery team. Any potential failures on meeting schedules reported to the training delivery team and suggestions made to avoid overruns.
Key areas of responsibility
•  Create conditional workflows for high level delivery plan, detailed delivery plan, change delivery plan, track learning delivery budget planning status, including automated email notification on status changes;
•  Create a custom connector to import data through BCS from SAP to SharePoint Online.
•  Create a custom connector to import data through CornerStone to SharePoint Online.
•  Create a budget planner solution with input from multiple sources
•  Create a budget calculator solution with input from multiple sources
•  Consult internally/externally SharePoint best practices and share back to the training and delivery team to Continuously Improve;
•  Maintenance of the SharePoint Delivery environment (Data quality, access management, periodic updates of solution).
•  Act as a support on SharePoint Online for the team.
Minimal requirements for SharePoint Developer
•  SharePoint Designer 2013
•  SharePoint Conditional Workflow in Designer 2013
•  SharePoint Online
•  SharePoint Online with JavaScript and .Net technology
•  From SharePoint to Powerapps or InfoPath 2013
Necessary know how / skills
•  Has reached this level SharePoint knowledge through training and experience.
•  Microsoft SharePoint or other relevant formal computer certifications
•  Experienced with SharePoint BCS
•  Has experience on creating solutions in SharePoint Online with JavaScript and .Net technology
•  Understanding of basic Agile/Scrum process (requirements, user stories, build, demo, improve, deliver)
•  Applying SharePoint workflow and email notifications that encompasses cross functional roles in a standard business framework. Candidate must have experience with the SharePoint Designer as we are also using workflows with the development solution (E2E).
•  Knowledge of applying software design methods and configuration management (version control).
•  In-depth knowledge and experience with Office 365. From SharePoint to Powerapps and InfoPath 2013, you know all parts and know how they are connected;
Required personality characteristics
•  Good interpersonal skills required to be able to communicate in fast pace matrix organization and to work with team with little past SharePoint development experience.
•  Ability to provide ideas and best practices from outside is important to be able to develop the best solution for this team.
•  Candidate should have a strong desire to consult and drive this project by connecting with people in the organization to ask questions and gain knowledge of existing tools. Ability not to duplicates any data that is currently collected already by other systems but rather the ability to see how this SharePoint planner and calculator can utilize the data.
•  Structured way of working (develop through a basic Agile/Scrum process)
•  Take ownership
•  Continuous improvement minded

Work location: Eindhoven or Amsterdam (what the candidate prefers, but will have to work on the other location 1 day a week)
Hours a week: 40 (32 or 36 is also possible)

The max rate for this role is €60
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