Quality Engineer

Posted Mar 6, 2019
Project ID: PHILJP00019491
9 months (Mar 18, 2019 - Dec 31, 2019)
40 hrs/week
Payrate range
0 - 73 €/hr
1. Objective of this job:
• Ensure that development project targets on product quality are achieved and that defined Product Quality processes are implemented.
• Provide Leadership in steering all quality related activities in a development project.

2. Responsibility of the job holder:
• Responsible for integral Product Quality and Product Quality processes in a project as defined in Function Development and Integral Product Development (PDLM).
• Assist and coach project team on the Project Quality plan.

3. Key Performance Indicators for the job holder:
• Implementing the defined Product Quality Processes, measured by DFSS tracker score on a monthly base.
• Providing enabling indicators for product quality during the project, (Cpk values for CTQ’s, MTBF on Reliability and FOR on product & process capability), leading to targeted Rating & Reviews improvement and CONQ reduction.
• Achieving the target product quality performance at the end-user, i.e. R&R and Field Call Rate (FCR).

4. Authority of the job holder:
• Report to Development Quality Manager on product / project quality items.
• Partner with Project Leader on project quality aspects.
• Escalate product quality issues, when needed, to stakeholders
• Mandatory advice on pass / hold during the milestone meetings based on above KPI’s.

5. Tasks of the job holder:
• Provide leadership and steer all product quality related activities in Product Development with special attention for:
• Requirement development.
• Robust & Reliable Design, driving capability and reliability requirements.
• Risk & Problem and margin Management drive and review FMEA’s, PMI’s, Problem log’s.
• Ensure proper definition and execution of the product quality test plan in a project, covering all chapters of the Quality plan:
• Design Evaluation & Verification & Validation Testing.
• Product & Process Maturity Testing, Early Market Feedback.

• Ongoing Reliability Testing.
• Safety risk assessments, proper initial approbation and country approbation.
• Communicate regularly on the quality status, monitor FCR throughout the project execution, Capture learning’s from earlier projects (both on the development process and on technical issues, FCR improvements) and initiate improvements in the new / current project.
• Support SQA in above tasks for ODM based product development projects.
• Provide advice based on the Quality information available during the milestone meeting and mandatory advice the stakeholders if the criteria are not met to pass the project Milestone.
• Provide an interface between the project team members (including Supplier Quality Leader, Industrial Quality Leader and Consumer Care representative) and the Project Leader, on product quality aspects.
• Identify quality training and support needs within the project team and organize improvements.

6. Competencies of the job holder
• Basic requirements
• Technical Academic/ University degree or Equivalent.
• At least 5 years experience in product development.
• Experienced in Quality Assurance methods and tools (DFSS, Greenbelt level)
• Relevant technologies to product category concerned.
• Product Quality Management
• Functional Competencies
• Influence environment for project success
• Team player, build successful teams
• Lead change in the organization
• Plans and executes projects for business results
• Good communication and presentation skills

7. Tools and methods used by the job holder:
• Project Management Methods and Tools
• Technology and Function Creation methodology (Advanced Development process )
• Integrated Product Development (PDLM process)
• DFFS tracker
• Product Quality Methods and Tools
• Requirement Development methods.
• FCR target setting, prediction & Follow-up: CREX method
• Basic statistics; Hypothesis testing; GR&R, Capability analysis. Cpk’s / Z-scores
• Critical To Quality (CTQ) flow-down and Capability flow-up
• Risk analysis: several types Failure Mode & Effect Analysis, can act as FMEA Coach.
• Transfer function principles; Design Of Experiments, Sample Sizes, Confidence Levels
• Robust Design: Life time testing, Reliability Testing, basic Weibull statistics MTBF, FCR prediction
• HALT: Highly Accelerated Life Testing, test to Failure
• Supplier Quality methods, APQP
• Compliance, safety and regulatory regulations
• Sustainability requirements,
• Problem solving methodologies.

8. Glossary:
ASD Architecture Standard Design
AQP Advance Quality Plan
CoNQ Cost of Non Quality
Cp Capability Process
Cpk Capability Process Index
CROT Commercial Release On Time
CROV Commercial Release On Volume
CTQ Critical To Quality parameter
DOE Design Of Experiments
DFSS Design For Six Sigma
DR Design Release
DQ Development Quality
FCR Field Call Rate
FMEA Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
FOR Fall Off Rate
FRR Fast Return Rate
GR&R Repeatability & reproducibility
HALT Highly Accelerated Life Testing
IPD Integral Product Development
IQMS Integrated Quality Management System
ISO International Standard Organization
JAR Joined Application Release
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures
NPS Net Promotor Score
PBE Philips Business Excellence
PDLM Product Development Launch and Maintenance
PMI Process Maturity Index
PFQ Predicted Field Quality
PQM Product Quality Management
SQA Supplier Quality Assurance
SET Simplicity Experience Tracking
VOC tree Voice of Customer tree
VPH Value Proposition House
Z Z value ( capability)
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