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Implementation Project Manager – Career Website

Posted Aug 4, 2020
Project ID: PHILJP00022014
5 months
(Aug 17, 2020 - Jan 31, 2021)
20 hrs/week
Payrate range
52 - 78 €/hr

Implementation Project Manager – Career Website

As project manager for our career website migration / re-implementation project, your job is to help manage the entire life of the project and keep in close contact with both our vendor Phenom People and Philips’ Global Recruitment Marketing Team. After being trained by the team’s full-time Digital Marketing Manager (prior to her scheduled maternity leave), you will be the team’s expert when it comes to our career website platform solution: our global career websites, the CMS and the analytic dashboard. You will be responsible for executing the migration project plan for multiple defined country sites, as well as facilitating solutions in response to the team’s change requests and improvement ideas following the new site launches.

Responsibilities and Duties:

•   [After being trained], serve as the team’s expert and go-to-person on Phenom People’s SaaS solutions that power Philips career web platform: CMS, the global website(s) and the analytic dashboard. You will provide solutions for incoming requests from the team and offer trainings for new functionalities or in response to challenge topics.

•   Project management: Work closely with our vendor (Phenom People) and the Philips’ Recruitment Marketing Team to guarantee a high quality delivery against the established career website migration project plan.

•   Follow up on the initial scope of the new career website project and make sure our vendor implements the requests correctly and delivers QA versions on time

•   Discuss the QA versions with the RM team and gather their feedback

•   Filter incoming support requests from the RM team: If possible find solutions yourself within the existing capabilities, otherwise work with the Phenom People support team to solve issues and work on change requests

•   Participate in regular updates with the vendor and the Philips’ recruitment team to keep everyone in the loop on the progress of the new project

•   Consult with Phenom People on how to optimize the candidate experience on our career website

•   Collaborate with the Philips Design and Digital Service Team to improve the user experience on our career website as part of our team’s focus on continuous improvement

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