Global Content Specialist Consumer Care

Posted May 1, 2019
Project ID: PHILJP00019884
7 months (Jun 3, 2019 - Dec 31, 2019)
40 hrs/week
Payrate range
0 - 54 €/hr
Global Content Specialist Consumer Care

As a Content Specialist you will be working in the area of Consumer Care. Consumer care is managing multiple touchpoints globally (web, call center, social media) to support consumers at any moment in their journey interacting with Philips; pre, buying or post buying.
You will be responsible for the creation of online and call center service content like FAQs and troubleshoot content achieving a low consumer effort and human approach. In this role, you will work closely together with the Business Group Consumer Experience Manager and Marketing team, who are responsible for product quality and launch readiness. You will give input on the content deliverables to be created (e.g. videos and visuals) to assure it is suitable to support the consumer care operation (call center, social media team, web support).
You will analyze the online consumer behavior to assess continuous improvement opportunities and measure the success through goal completion and NPS.
You will work together with the call centers and market consumer experience managers to continuously improve content based on local consumer feedback.
With input from the business you will be upgrading the call center training information so agents will explain the business proposition, provide service solutions and get consumers further engaged with Philips.
Your product scope is Coffee makers, Oral Health Care and Mother and Childcare products.

Key areas of responsibility:
•   Create and maintain online and contact center support documentation (FAQs, Troubleshoots, Instructions and Videos, Call Center Tips and Training materials) in line with knowledge requirements as stated by Philips:
a.   Deliver relevant and web-optimized articles that lead to high call center article usage, high self-help rates and high consumer satisfaction;
b.   Ensure that articles are approved, translated and published taking regulatory requirements into account;
•   Perform editorial tasks, e.g. call center training review or peer review
•   Close to the market: you actively collect and process customer feedback for content improvements from Salesforce, web data analytics and selected market insights
•   Measure and steer on performance of the knowledge management process and suggests article cleanup to keep a high quality of the knowledge base, based on effectiveness KPIs

Percentage of time spent:
•   Creation /maintenance 60%
•   Perform editorial tasks: 10%
•   Collects and processes customer, analytics feedback: 20%
•   Measure performance and suggests article cleanup: 10%

Detailed responsibilities:
•   Responsible for the availability and quality of product service content on various customer touchpoints: web, contact center, retailer
•   Create and maintain consumer focused easy to use and low-effort customer support information in Salesforce Knowledge: FAQs, How-To instructions, Troubleshoots and call center tips based on Philips content requirements
•   Create and improve content based on briefing instructions by the Business Group Consumer Experience Managers and Marketing team
•   Work closely with them to ensure: 1. content creation is in line with business and category positioning guidelines, 2. content creation is jointly planned 3. Re-use of available marketing content is optimized
•   Ensure that the online content is optimized for Search Engines and device responsive and deliver a high consumer satisfaction
•   Defines the initial content format requirements for new products;
•   Gives input for / joins Photo or Video shoots related to support documentation
•   Identifies and corrects knowledge gaps in contact centers and online
•   Makes content improvement suggestions and discusses these with stakeholders, e.g. Business Group and Markets
•   Collects and processes feedback and insights from markets, contact centers, web analytics, initiates meetings and validates locally created content
•   Analyzes content performance; improves existing FAQ’s based on market insights and analytic reporting
•   Verifies that articles for controlled content will be approved by a validated system, or for non-controlled approved by the Business Group Consumer Experience Manager
•   Review training materials for contact center agents and social agents prepared by BG Consumer Experience manager
•   Executes cleanup activities based on relevance rules (hit rate, successfulness) and content availability reporting – ensure all current product have relevant articles in close cooperation with the Business Group Consumer Experience Managers

Start date; Asap
Duration; end of december (with option to extend)
Hours; Fulltime
Location; Amsterdam
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