F&VP Specialist

Posted Feb 11, 2019
Project ID: PHILJP00019306
Eindhoven , Noord Brabant
4 weeks (Mar 4, 2019 - Mar 29, 2019)
40 hrs/week
Payrate range
0 - 91 €/hr
Role: F&VP Specialist

Philips is going through a digital transformation where fast, agile solutions become critical for business performance and competitiveness. Hence, it’s important for Philips to be able to quickly assess the gaps in our technology landscape and plug them with the latest and the greatest market leading solutions that can help drive organization’s growth. The Framing and Value Prototyping (F&VP) process provides a rapid and robust way of analyzing and evaluating new white spots and technology against a set of defined proof points. The F&VP facilitation is key in order to bring fit for purpose technology applications that can enable Philips business processes.

Responsibilities: To work with the Business and IT Architecture community to help convey the technology vision and strategy by:
•   To manage the E2E F&VP process from the initial demand to the completion of the overall reporting and finding
•   Manage the definition of proof points with the Business, IT and Architecture team to assess white spots and new solutions
•   Run the prototyping and demo stage of evaluating vendors and solutions – ensuring speed and completeness in testing
•   Lead the write up, reporting and recommendation of the findings and prototyping results
•   Co-ordinate all stakeholders to meet pre-defined milestones and ensure timeliness of workshops
•   Provide clear and simple documentation on the learnings and results
•   Project manage and coordinate prototyping and selection process, arranging workshops, planning and key reporting
•   Facilitate the overall F&VP process by standardizing and continually improving documents, templates and way of working

What we’re looking for?
•   Excellent consultancy and communication skills to bring alignment and clarity to key information
•   Experience in presenting, communicating to a wide and varied audience
•   Understanding of key technology components and requirements: covering functionality, integration, data and infrastructure concepts
•   Strong co-ordination skills to work with multiple stakeholders and lead projects
•   Strong consultancy skills in brining across clear message, factual data and robust storyline
•   Ability to construct clear benefits / business case

•   Prior experience in managing/leading framing activities is a must
•   Solid understanding of Philips processes
•   Experience / skills in Architecture tooling, Development and Mobile
•   Ideally with consultancy experience/ background
•   Strong experience with Agile and lean

Current requirement location: HTC Eindhoven
Current project duration: 3-4 weeks (start March 4th)

The max. rate for this role is €91
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