Digital Experimenter

Posted May 27, 2019
Project ID: PHILJP00020035
3 months (Jun 17, 2019 - Sep 15, 2019)
32 hrs/week
Payrate range
0 - 68 €/hr
Digital Experimenter

You are the Go to person for all digital experiments for Personal Care:
-   Ensure we use digital experiments for the right purpose, be critical on the briefings
-   Keep the program of digital experiments up to date
-   Connect to the digital marketing team to get agreement on the planning of the upcoming projects
-   Record the learnings of all experiments
-   Ensures we stay within budget, setting the right priorities with the Head of Market Intelligence
-   Prepare the experiments with the business owner based upon the brief
-   Connect to the digital marketing team that will execute the experiment to agree on detailed planning
-   Connect the dots from the digital experiment to come up with meaningful insights, ready for decision making and record the learnings with the business owner
You will establish digital experiments as a mature methodology
-   Ensure further development of the digital experiments methodology in terms of set-up, benchmarking, reporting, significant differences, identifying target consumer etc
-   Train the innovation and communication intelligence managers on the Do’s and Don’ts s of digital experiments
-   Further standardize the process of digital experiments with the digital marketing team (roles & responsibilities)
-   Deploy the digital experiments process to the marketing community
-   Create standard reporting out of digital experiments (including benchmarks) in an easy accessible tool.
Support the marketing lab on completing user stories:
-   Creating user stories and keeping them up to date over time
-   Being the ‘captain’ of work streams to roadmap and determine KPI’s
-   Reporting and advice for organic search (SEO)
-   Creating advertisements and reporting for search and social (SEA, Facebook and Instagram)
-   Adding additional acquisition channels/tools and managing campaigns (Amazon, Marktplaats, DMP etc)
-   Creating and running referral programs for all marketing lab projects
-   Calling customers and analyzing responses from surveys to optimize the subscription service
-   Analyze and report on audience demographics and behavior to optimize conversion and reduce ad spend
-   Advise on differentiation of new propositions and integration within existing propositions (adding lease within existing always-on campaigns for instance). Includes assisting on reducing cannibalization
Support other NBX / Venture teams to improve performance (like BeautyBox)
-   Writing ads, improvements and reporting on SEO, SEA and social.
-   Optimizing landing pages for conversion
-   Managing tagging (pixel) implementation and tracking for Facebook and Omniture (including reporting)
-   Analyzing heat maps and reporting user behavior
Automate reporting through API’s
-   Connecting with API’s to forecast stock, automatically update reports and speed up reporting time for social experiments.
-   Working with RTMC to connect API’s automate repeatable campaign optimizations and reporting
Social listening reports for markets and projects
-   Create and update social listening reports on request
-   Interpreting and reporting on audiences and messaging using listening reports
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