Warehousing & Distribution Engineer

Posted Jun 6, 2018
Project ID: PHILJP00017595
Eindhoven , Noord Brabant
1 year (Jun 11, 2018 - Jun 10, 2019)
40 hrs/week
Payrate range
63 - 73 €/hr
Job Title Warehousing & Distribution Engineer

Location: Locally in the DCs

Justification: The role will support Project Leads in the Cost Savings projects of the DfX Integral Warehousing & Distribution (IWD ) costs of PH and allow on time delivery and execution.
Job Description: Identify, plan and execute improvement projects in the supply chain of finished products from (OEM/Philips) factories, via the Distribution Centre, to retailers and/or final consumers (on-line sales).

Key Areas of Responsibility:  
•  Participate in DfX-workshops and propose/detail proposals to reduce the integral warehouse & distribution costs
•  Align project plans/activities with stakeholders in factories, planning departments, commercial organization and retailer-warehouse management.
•  Execute cost improvement projects together with the warehouse provider CEVA and transport providers (incoming as well as outgoing)
•  Project management of improvement projects/process harmonization.
•  Track and review project savings vs budget.
•  Analyze Products flow & transport patterns, shipment profiles and tariff drivers to determine savings opportunities.

Required Competencies:
•  Customer oriented attitude
•  Negotiation skills
•  Project management skills
•  Knowledge of warehouse and transport systems and processes
•  knowledge of Lean principles and applications
•  Understanding of customs regulations
•  Understanding of regulations regarding transportation of dangerous goods
•  People management skills and influential skills

Required Skills & Experience:
•  Has expert theoretical knowledge of distribution concepts as well as knowledge of best practices in the area of physical distribution.
•  Understands business strategies and the impact on the area of transportation.
•  Some knowledge of company products and services.
•  Good communication skills in a multi-cultural environment
•  2-3 years of relevant experience in related activities (warehouse management, transport management, customer service management).
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