Q&R Compliance Specialist

Posted Apr 19, 2019
Project ID: PHILJP00019817
7 months (Jun 3, 2019 - Dec 31, 2019)
40 hrs/week
Payrate range
0 - 83 €/hr
Job Description

o   Business development from a Q&R perspective: help validate and unlock new portfolio opportunities for eCommerce
o   help DE answer our unsolved regulatory and business opportunity validation questions
   For example: Can we sell this product online? What needs to be done to sell that product online?
o   come up with a way that helps us drive eCommerce sales from a regulatory perspective
o   deliver a way to move forward with our approach to sell medical devices/equipment (across BGs) online from a regulatory point of view
o   support the prework for product onboarding of MATC (e.g. Efficia/SureSign/AED), X-Ray and US equipment from a regulatory point of view

must have items –
o   understand German healthcare regulations in general
o   have knowledge on digital sales of healthcare products
o   have a general overview on eCommerce processes
o   know about the requirements for selling DXR (StrlSchV - Radiation Protection Ordinance, etc.)

nice to have items
o   be able to spend time in Hamburg, Germany office
o   Q&R knowledge of UK and BNL markets
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